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On Goran Bregovic:

The best musical party of the year.
- San Francisco Examiner

Equal parts celebratory and spellbindingly soulful.
- Los Angeles Times

A show that was unforgettable for what took place onstage as well as in the audience.
- San Francisco Examiner

Money was thrown onstage, gorgeous girls made their way to the front, and even the people way back in the balcony just kept on dancing. It was exuberant mayhem. As a cultural outsider relative to the majority of the audience, I couldn't escape the impression that many in the audience were reveling in the opportunity to re-connect through the music with a home they'd left behind in their physical lives, but not in their hearts.
- San Francisco Examiner

This is world music -- forged out of diverse, disparate elements into something new and vibrant.
- The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Bregovic is both the catalyst and ringmaster for a musical spectacle unlike anything else on North American stages.
- San Francisco Chronicle

"It was party time... a Balkan free-for-all and the jam-packed auditorium went wild…The audience lapped it all up eagerly and the applause was so enthusiastic at the end of the show that Bregovic played no fewer than an extra five numbers..."
-The Jerusalem Post

"a populist world-classical music hybrid that went down a storm before a packed crowd."
-Guardian Leader

"For the past four years [Goran Bregovic] has attracted the sensibility of the most varied audiences in Europe letting them taste something that stared out as original film music, and that ends up… the most beautiful, captivating, cross-breed visual symphony that has been woven over this last decade of the Twentieth Century. It is a mind-blowing return trip with no destination or port of arrival….A magnificent concert, one of the greatest marvels to be heard on stage today."
-La Vanguardia

"Goran Bregovic….always surprises us with his compositions- they're crammed to the brim with catharsis and joy…the group channels both unbridled optimism and utter despair into succinct, sweeping vignettes."
-Time Out Chicago

"Goran Bregovic and his Weddings and Funerals Band…had the audience eating out of their hands…Bregovic makes a music that runs the spectrum from ecstatic, robustly earthy dance music, to naughty pop tines, to vocal and string arrangements ripe with sentimentality, to quiet, contemplative pieces that can approach a spiritual intensity…a lyrical, beautifully paced evening"
-Daily Star

"[Goran Bregovic's] concert is one of the most risky, devastating and attractive events going….within the shy soul of Goran Bregovic hides a rocker spirit, inspired by old quintessence of the 'genre', refurbished by post-punk rebellion….Goran has construed a unique and inimitable musical structure endowed with virtues and excesses inherent to that existential conglomerate. Goran Bregovic, the feverish imagination that has conceived this futuristic universe, sits attentive, innocent-looking, as if he never broke a plate in his life. Geniuses are like that. "
-El Mundo

"The fashion of reviving all sorts of poular music in the most spectacular manners has recently set it's heart on the musical world of the Gypsies…no one does it with the intelligence of...Goran Bregovic. The result of his inventions resemble no other. He is light years from them, both my means but even more by his ingenuity."
-ABC, Madrid

"One of the most beautiful symphonies of the Old Europe…[Bregovic] creates the most breath-taking music on this continent….His art is exciting tight-rope walking….intense, vigorous, colorful, passionate, exotic, fascinating."
-El Pais


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