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"This motley collection of players — some have covered Cohen (Linda Thompson) or sung a tribute album (Nick Cave) or been compared with him (Jarvis Cocker) or admitted fanhood (The Handsome Family) or are, er, Canadian (the McGarrigles, here with offspring Rufus, Martha, and Lily) — manage to conjure up just about every facet and subfacet of Cohenness. If Cohen had been here he would have smiled."
- Sylive Simmons, MOJO (UK)

"Fantastic...so many highlights in this extraordinary evening, it's hard to know where to start."
- David Cheal, Telegraph (UK)

"More than three hours of stunning, gripping, beautiful music, the sheer emotional force of which had me pinned to my chair for much of the show."
- David Cheal, Telegraph (UK)

"Three hours, 23 musicians, 31 songs and extraordinarily, not a bum note all night."
- Fiona Sturges, Independent (UK)

"Cohen disciples in the crowd were ecstatic, with some declaring this event superior to seeing the lugubrious letharo himself."
- Stephen Dalton, Times (UK)

"...a rich and rare evening."
- Stephen Dalton, Times (UK)

"I've rarely heard such consistently fine singing on one stage."
- James Bennett, Observer

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