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"Improbable... is one of the most energising and provacative forces in British theatre."
- The Guardian

"Inviting us to share their inquiries, Improbable celebrated the fact that we were all in on the same of the most exciting new companies of the decade..The Hanging Man is recognizably Improbable in its knotty mix of the inspired, the intimate, and the odd."
- The Guardian

"Exemplary ensemble work and beautifully imaginative moments from a company that has not, thankfully, been dazzled by its own success."
- The Times

"Improbable weaves a story of strange and sometimes chilling ingenuity. This mythic piece, blending the medieval and the modern, is staged with impressive flair...This is a splendidly weird and wonderful show."
- The Telegraph

"Improbable's meditation on creativity, life, death, and the whole damn thing is a typically eccentrically engaging piece of storytelling...The cast are so endearing and so completely lacking in caution that I cold have eaten them up...I'm dying to se this again and again."
- The Guardian

"Improbable Theatre's shows are not so much improvised as innovated. The Hanging Man is a series of bravura set-pieces in a generous gamut of theatrical genres, some hilarious, most wonderfully clever, and some poignant...I felt very entertained and very glad we have Improbable Theatre."
- The Scotsman

"The Hanging Man is a triumph of theatre, at turns generously funny and inescapably moving...a startlingly original production performed by a company that is totally at the top of their game."
- Bradford Telegraph & Argus

"The Hanging Man is an entertaining sum of disparate parts, weaving bizarre and amusing scenarios around an unusual story...catch this highly original production while you can-"
- Theatreworld Internet Magazine

"The Company are breathtakingly inventive."
-The Evening Standard

"McDermott and Crouch are an unbeatable team."
-The Guardian

"It's an evening of breathtaking theatrical invention, a wonderful collaboration between the aural, the visual, and the physical...the lunatics have taken over the asylum, and made the world a more sane and an infinitely more rational place. Daring, incisive, honest, provocative, and always challenging."
- Teletext

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