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"Lucinda Childs's DANCE was created 32 years ago, and watching its revival now is to see it as one of the blindingly seminal collaborations of its era. [...] In 1979, the collaboraiton was a kind of apotheoisis of late-period minimalism. And it still feels close to stage heaven."
-The Guardian

"A Lucinda Childs fat, no chatter, just pure art."
- Le Figaro

"The prolific Lucinda Childs is like a black cocktail dress. She never goes out of style."
- The New York Times

"The title is wholly appropriate to all of Ms. Childs's choreographic endeavors: she captures the power of meticulous, unaffected dancing."
- The New York Times

"Lucinda Childs inhabits the immaculate geometry of Sol LeWitt's 1979 film Dance like an angel"
- Dance Insider

"Ms. Childs is revered across Europe as a grande dame of American dance. In the United States, though, her work is so rarely seen that she has assumed almost mythical status."
- The New York Times

"Dance... is a collaborative work by three of the most interesting avant-garde artists of the day- Lucinda Childs, Philip Glass and Sol LeWitt"
- The New York Times

"Lucinda Childs’ 1979 “Dance” is a vision of how we would all move in dance paradise."
- The New York Times

"Neither the film nor the dance alone would “sing” quite as beguilingly as the two do together. Each segment, enlivened by Mr. Glass’s variously liquid and lowing sonorities, as well as by the gentle primary-color palette of Ms. Emmons’s evanescent lighting, displays a dance-theater dimension all its own."
- Wall Street Journal

"Glamorous, with beauty so severe that she makes Garbo at her stoniest look approachable, the Childs of 30 years ago made it clear that she was not out to seduce an audience, but to present intriguing equations."
- Village Voice

"Small changes are appreciated in a decade dominated by big, flamboyant ones. Most people left thrilled by Dance, rightly seeing its performers as glistening, heroic elements of a mixed-media artwork."
- Village Voice

"Though its elements are simple, the hour-long piece packs a wallop… Taken all together, Dance is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts."
- Albany Times Union

"The production… is set to three 20-minute sections of Mr. Glass’s Dance. LeWitt’s magnificent black-and-white film is projected on a scrim at the front of the stage. Dancers move behind it, and the effect is that of a ghostly duet of mediums in which layered images work wonders with space and volume, weaving a richly detailed theatrical tapestry."
- The New York Times

"If good design equals the sum of its parts, it’s no question that 30 years later “Dance” endures."
- The New York Times

Interview with Lucinda Childs (from Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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