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"One of the most original and startling dance theater groups to be seen ..."
- The New York Times

"Butoh with humor. Sankai Juku lives up to the expectations and a bit more."
- Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)

"The human being as a mirror of nature."
- Svesk Dagbladet (Sweden)

"Sophisticated beauty...Sankai Juku creates its unique art form that transcends the times."
- Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japan)

"Each movement is a work of art."
- Aftonbladet (Sweden)

"It looks amazing and we have no idea how [Amagatsu] makes it happen."
- The Guardian (UK)

"The dance antithesis of effusive Broadway musicals and spasmodic club dancing can be found with Sankai Juku ('the studio of mountain and sea'), the prime ambassador of the butoh dance form. Born in Japan in the devastated aftermath of World War II, butoh can suggest inner sorrow, but it can also be infused with the present-moment transcendence sought by many Eastern religions. It is slow, deliberate, almost hypnotic, and beautiful in its simplicity."
- Flavorpill NYC

"The singular glory of Sankai Juku is that it achieves almost pure metaphor."
- Time

"[Ushio Amagatsu] conveys the infinitely minute yet spellbinding transformations of a world in constant metamorphosis."
- Dance Magazine

"Attending a piece of choreography of Ushio Amagatsu of Sankai Juku, is an encounter with a man who has explored the existence and poetry for more than twenty years, open to the public as a space of meditation. Spectators are even absorbed in the very fine ramification of movement. Strange processes, between hypnosis and vigilance, that invite spectators, to the very heart of mystery of dance."
- Le Monde

Press on HIBIKI, Resonance From Far Away:

"A luminous rite -- slow, enigmatic, beautiful!"
- The Village Voice

"Image after glorious image unfolds in a beautiful environment ... itís as symbolic as you want to make it, and itís as simple as can be."
- The Montreal Gazette

"A complete theatrical experience of rare beauty and visual power."
- The Portland Oregonian

Press on TOBARI, As if in an Inexhaustible Flux:

"Amagatsu provided a celebration of life-- genuine, spiritual, glorious..."
- Pittsburgh Gazette

Interviews with USHIO AMAGATSU:

Japan Foundation: Performing Arts Network Japan (English version)

Japan Foundation: Performing Arts Network Japan (Japanese version)

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